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The market for supplements is big business as people chase the easy path to weight loss. As with wacky diet plans, people will try just about anything that promises to help them lose some pounds. Are any of them effective?


The FTC has a good and extensive overview called: “Deception in Weight-Loss Advertising” that is available for free download.


For a simple, clear guide to various supplements, check Getting In Shape Guide Supplements.


Chitosan - made from the exoskeleton of lobsters and crabs, it is claimed to prevent the digestion of fats. Although it does have this effect, the amounts available in pills is too small to have any effect. It has not shown to help in weight loss.



Recently, a researcher at Oregon State U. reviewed the body of evidence for weight loss supplements and determined that there exists no evidence of any supplement helping to achieve weight loss. She did find many health risks to taking them. Particular items like fiber and green tea could help a person lose a couple of pounds - and that was only when used as part of a lower calorie diet.


She discovered that many of the weight loss products had not had clinical trials to measure their effectiveness.



A new article by Melanie Haiken on called 3 New Weight Loss Supplements Getting Buzz.

SHe looks at some supplements that research may indicate can be useful in weight loss.


Read "FDA 101: Dietary Supplements"




What Supplements have worked for you?

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